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We have a team of talented designers, web developers, and business strategists who absolutely love what they do. Each person on our team brings a variety of talents, passion, and experience to the table

Emeka Ebube
Managing Partner & Creative Lead

A creative designer and business developer with several years of experience working with startups, big corporate houses, and government organizations to enhance their brand and achieve specific growth objectives. He has delivered many design projects and consultancy services to diverse industry sectors. His expertise covers graphic design, website design, UI & UX design, branding, business development, and marketing strategy.

Nelson Okwonna
Partner & Lead Strategist

Nelson Okwonna is a business and development consultant. Mr Nelson is passionate about innovation as a tool for national development and has provided services to numerous local and international organizations covering a broad spectrum of private and public sectors. He was a senior development consultant for Enhancing Nigerian Advocacy for a Better Business Environment (ENABLE2) – a DFID project on competitiveness development and business environment reforms.

Val Ademola
Creative Design

A creative designer with innovative ideas and a unique approach to visuals; Val brings many years of experience developing designs for print, digital, and multimedia platforms covering a wide range of industry sectors. A dynamic team player with exceptional collaboration and interpersonal skills; he has worked with cross-functional teams in marketing and advertising to create memorable visual designs, winning ad campaigns, and content for social media. He is well-versed in the use of design, presentation, word and data editing tools, and packages.

Ere-ebi Agedah-Imisi
Content Creation

Ebi is a passionate storyteller, a versatile content creator, and a savvy copywriter with several years of working experience in media communications, journalism, and public relations. She has worked with several consulting and media organizations covering television, radio, and leading print media. She has also served as a public relations consultant to a number of organizations and political officeholders.

Adedayo Agboola
Web Platforms

Dayo is a dynamic and creative web developer/programmer who uses creative initiatives to proffer solutions to problems. He brings with him over 10 years of high-impact experience acquired from implementing a variety of exciting projects, and he possesses a vast portfolio of impressive web platform solutions. He is a full-stack JavaScript developer, a lover of Python and C Language, and an ardent PHP programmer. He has strong collaboration skills and a proven record of timely delivery.

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